Michif Language Dictionary

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The Gabriel Dumont Institute

Timelines & Knowledge Mobilization

Projected Timelines

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Knowledge mobilization

Within the Michif community

This project will result in three major resources for the Michif community. Each of these resources will be the first of their kind, and should prove of enormous benefit to the Michif community:

  1. the creation of a centralized repository of translated texts in Michif orthography with English translation
  2. the creation of an on-line dictionary (which may also be printed if the community so desires) of the Michif language
  3. pedagogical tool on word-building processes in Michif for teachers and learners of the language.

With the permission of the consultants, the collected texts will also be published in Michif orthography, with phonetic transcription, phonetic and underlying phonological forms, interlinear glosses and free translation, and be linked to the original sound files.

Within the linguistic community

Theoretical and methodological results will be communicated through traditional scholarly conferences and journals, as well as supplement phonological work from Rosen's thesis for a book in preparation, A Phonological and Morphological Grammar of Michif.